Friday, 27 June 2008

Quick and Easy for Two

My wonderful husband Guy was away last night in Ireland on business so it was just our son Alex and I for dinner. I decided to make one of our favourite easy comfort food dinners - Fish Finger Wraps. These are such an easy thing to make and yet so delicious and filling that you really don't need anything at all to go with them - except perhaps a bit of coleslaw on the side if you fancy it.

Fish Finger Wraps invite creativity and everyone seems to have their own favourite relishes to go with them. Alex insists ketchup is the way to go, and I like tartar sauce. We both agree you need some fresh, crisp lettuce to top the whole thing off though. The recipe couldn't be easier and I urge you to lose all prejudice against the much maligned fish finger and try it as soon as you possibly can!

Fish Finger Wraps
Serves 2 (2 wraps each)
4 high quality fish fingers - I recommend Waitrose Chunky Cod Fish Fingers
2 tortilla wraps
two good handfuls of chopped lettuce
ketchup, tartare sauce or a relish of your choice, to taste

Cook the fish fingers as directed on the package.

When they are cooked, heat the wraps briefly in the microwave (just for about 10 seconds). Do them one at a time or they will stick together. Lay the wraps on a board and spread the relish of your choice over it. Now pop a fish finger on the one side of the wrap. Sprinkle with lettuce and roll into a sausage shape. Repeat with remaining fish fingers and wraps.
That's it - instant comfort food. A yummy filling dinner with almost no effort at all!

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