Monday, 18 August 2008

The Olive Garden, Orlando

I've heard so much about the Olive Garden over the years (my Mom in particular used to love it), but somehow I never managed to get to one of their branches.  So when I saw an Olive Garden just down the road from our hotel on International Drive in Orlando, I jumped at the chance to give it a try.  I was not disappointed.

They do not take reservations, but we only had to wait about twenty minutes after we gave our names to the hostess for a table, twenty minutes which were spent quite happily in the bar having a lovely glass of wine.  Our waitress was very friendly and explained the menu to us.  I was very pleased that unlimited garlic bread and salad were included with most meals.  We enjoyed some lovely entrees, and a beautiful bottle of Pinot Noir that cost a mere $22!  My shrimp pasta dish had an arabiatta sauce which was perfectly spiced.  Guy enjoyed a dish that included servings of various favourites including a delicious lasagne, chicken parmesan and some fettucine alfredo.  Alex loved his chicken and bacon carbonara dish.  It was definitely the nicest meal we have had so far.  And all for under $70 - again - what can I say?  It is such good value eating out here and the food is so delicious!

I really hope we can eat at the Olive Garden again before we leave.  It was wonderful.  

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