Friday, 18 September 2009

A Treasure Trove of Food and Drink

Was there ever a more iconic store than the fabled Harrods? Its castle-like façade has graced the Brompton Road in London’s Knightsbridge for over a hundred years. But Harrod’s is not just a place for the rich and famous to shop, nor just for designer clothes and jewels. It’s also an amazing place for people who love to cook, and especially for those who love to eat.

Harrods boasts over twenty places to eat, from the elegant Georgian Restaurant to the busy Harry Morgan Deli. There is a branch of Paris’ Ladurée tea room here as well, where you can sample their light as air macaroons and other delicacies. A Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar where you can wash down gourmet delicacies with any number of varieties of the one of the world’s most renowned champagnes is set amongst the first floor’s designer fashion collections. Should you have simpler tastes, there is also a Krispy Kreme donut kiosk downstairs as well!

However the most amazing part of Harrods is its Food Halls. They seem to stretch on for ages. You can buy almost anything here. One of the halls contains provisions – boxes of cookies, teas, coffee, chocolates and treats. Another has glass cases absolutely heaving with cuts of cold meat and cheeses.

Choose your most fashionable of ready prepared meals here:-

They offer shepherd's pie, fish pie, salmon en croûte, shish kebabs or even ready to reheat Beef Wellington. Or start from scratch and make your own gourmet meal with the finest provisions:-

Harrods is the place to buy the different and even strange. I saw venison in the cabinets here, whole pigeons, sad little boned rabbits, and even ostrich meat. There is every kind of fish imaginable, including some I have never even heard of.

There is a fresh pasta cabinet containing so many kinds of pasta I could hardly count them all. This is just a small section showing the many types of ravioli available.

Spinach and ricotta, pumpkin and sage, venison, smoked salmon and speck ravioli are only a few of the choices.

If you fancy a picnic, you could buy everything for it here - including the basket!

You can choose from delicious cold meat pies and pates, cold meat, cheeses and fish. There are all manner of treats here that would be as welcome on a buffet table as in the aforementioned basket! These traditional meat pies are cooked and served cold. The meat becomes almost like a terrine inside, encased in good strong flaky pastry. The ones with cranberries on top are especially nice.

If your tastes run to the more exotic, there is a huge selection of sushi.

Want to taste the champagne and caviar lifestyle? After you choose from hundreds of different sorts of caviar, ranging in price from ten pounds to well over a thousand pounds an ounce,

then all you have to do is pop downstairs to their very well-stocked wine cellar to choose your champagne.

Harrods have not forgotten those with a sweet tooth either, as there is such a selection of desserts, sweets and chocolate that it is hard to even imagine. Here is just a tiny sample of what is on offer.

The food halls at Harrods are a magical place, filled with delicious foods from around the world. It's well worth braving the crowds to visit, but be sure to allow plenty of time. I've wiled away many an afternoon perusing the many delicacies and have always been pleased with my purchases - as have my guests!

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