Sunday, 1 August 2010

The 21st Century Housewife's Special Asparagus Omelette

I have a rather un-traditional way of making omelettes, in that I use a broiler or grill to finish them off. I find it makes them nice and puffy and also avoids the stress of having to turn them. The other thing I do is always use three eggs. We now know that eggs are much better for us than we thought they were, and that unless you have a serious issue with cholesterol you don’t have to be nearly as careful about them. Like the American egg board has been saying for years, they are the “incredible, edible egg”.  However, if you are worried, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just use two eggs.

I know asparagus is pretty much out of season at the moment, and it is very naughty to buy the imported stuff, but I just love asparagus and sometimes I cannot resist. It’s also a great way to use up leftover cheese, so hopefully that makes up for the food miles…

I like to use a light cheese like Swiss or Gruyere in this omelette, but having said that cheddar can be a brilliant foil for the strong flavour of the asparagus, so just pick your favourite cheese and go for it!

For each omelette you need:-

1 teaspoon mild olive oil
3 eggs
1 tablespoon milk
a few very thin slices of red onion
salt and pepper to taste
5 - 6 small spears of asparagus, very lightly steamed (they should still be almost crunchy)
1 handful of your favourite cheese

Heat the olive oil in an oven safe medium non-stick frying pan with a non-metal handle. Beat the eggs, milk and seasonings together in a bowl.

Preheat the grill or broiler to medium.

When the pan is hot, add the egg mixture and scatter the onion slices over top. Cook for minute or so, pulling the mixture away from the edges of the pan with a heat proof spatula or egg turner as it cooks and tipping the pan so more egg fills in the gaps that are left. Cook for a couple of minutes, lifting the edges of the omelette occasionally to make sure it is just browning and not burning.

Now carefully lay the asparagus over half of the omelette, and sprinkle the cheese over the whole thing.  Let it cook for a second or so.

When the top begins to look a bit dryer and the bottom is nicely brown, place the frying pan under the grill or broiler. The omelette should puff up (it will fall when you take it out from under the grill). Watch the omelette constantly or it will burn. When it is golden brown, remove it from the grill and flip half the omelette over like in the photograph above. Slide it on to a plate carefully and serve.  It’s really nice with a side of hash browns if you are feeling like a treat. 


  1. I love eggs and I love asparagus - perfect meal!

  2. Yum, I could eat omelettes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

  3. YUM... this sounds great! I love asparagus, and the added orange sounds lovely! ~Alison


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