Friday, 1 July 2011

Wimbledon and Its Recipes

Since 1877, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships have been looked on as THE tennis tournament of the year, and a Wimbledon crown outstrips any other in terms of tennis prestige. Wimbledon is an integral part of the British summer, and tickets to attend the championships are highly sought after commodities. Its’s a fantastic experience and we have been lucky enough to attend the Women’s Semi-Finals the last two years. You can read my post from 2009 by clicking here, and my 2010 post by clicking here. We are also attending this year.

However, Wimbledon is more than just a tennis tournament, this iconic event is referred to virtually as a time of year here. I don’t know anyone in the United Kingdom who doesn’t follow Wimbledon - even if they really don’t care about tennis for the rest of the year. For two weeks it influences our culture, our conversation, and our cuisine.

Like other parts of the iconic London season - The Trooping of the Colour, Cowes Week, Royal Ascot, The Henley Festival, The Cartier International (polo) and The Lords (cricket) Test Match, among others - Wimbledon also has its own traditions. Many foods have also come to be associated with Wimbledon - especially strawberries and cream, afternoon tea, champagne and Pimms, a classic British summer spirit which is served mixed with fruit and lemonade. (This is not the kind of lemonade you would enjoy in North America, here ‘lemonade’ refers to a fizzy lemon flavoured pop similar to Sprite or 7-Up. )

If you fancy joining in on a little traditional Wimbledon refreshment and perhaps a snack while you are enjoying the tennis (or some nice summer weather), here are two of my versions of the treats we enjoy here in England, especially at this time of year.
Healthy Eton Mess
Delicious Yogurt Cake
Perfect with a nice cup of tea! And...
of course you cannot go wrong with Strawberries and cream!

Feeling inspired? BBC Good Food Magazine has published an entire section on their website devoted to Wimbledon recipes which you can see by clicking here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to catch up on the tennis!


  1. I'll have to try the healthy Eton mess but with blueberries since strawberry season is over.

  2. I've been duly inspired to try a few British recipes starting with the Scotch Eggs as they sound like something my family might like. What do you think?

    And just to let you know, my daughter's husband will be attending Oxford for the next three years (Lord willing). They come home from California for two weeks late this summer before flying over! I'm so eager to learn, through them, more about British culture and cooking, and even hope to visit them at least once during their stay.

    That said, I appreciate how you season your posts with tidbits of info like the fact that American lemonade is not the same as British. :) I'll be directing my daughter to check out your blog to "prep" for her transition to the U.K.



  3. I guess our strawberry season goes on a little bit longer here, we have them until well into August locally...but it would work beautifully with blueberries (or any fruit really!).

    Lisa, how exciting for your daughter and her husband! I don't live very far from Oxford actually - about an hour up the road. It's such a beautiful place, they will love it! x


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