Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Barefoot Contessa's Plum Tart

The theme for Ina’s Garden this week is Indian Summer. When I stumbled on Ina’s Plum Tart on the Barefoot Contessa website, I could not have been more pleased. Plum, juicy plums are one of my favourites this time of year. I love their colours, from pale yellow to deep purple, and the way their skin yields to a plump, juicy interior when you bite into them. The other thing that attracted me to this recipe was its crumbly topping. My husband adores fruit crumble, and I love tarts and pies. This tart is the perfect combination of crumble and pie, and so perfect for us!
It really was very easy to make, although I do recommend using a mixer to combine the crust/crumble ingredients. I tried mixing them by hand but it really was fiddly. Also, Ina calls for 2 pounds of plums, which worked out to about a dozen, but that was actually too many for my tart dish. Plums vary in size so much, it isn’t surprising really. In the end, I used about 9 large plums which weighed in at about 1½ pounds. 
I needed to use more of the crust mixture that Ina called for to line my tart dish. The dish wasn’t much bigger than the 9½ inch springform tart pan called for, but I needed more to get it pressed all the way up the edges. There was still plenty of crust/crumble left to sprinkle over top. I don’t think my plums were as juicy as the ones Ina called for, as the juices never did bubble up through the crust, but the tart did cook to a gorgeous golden brown. 
Serving the tart was a bit tricky. As I did not have the correct size springform pan, I was serving directly from a tart dish. The crust had remained a bit crumbly (I might use 2 egg yolks next time) so I needed a nice wide spatula to get the pieces out. It didn’t affect our enjoyment of the dish though. The finely chopped walnuts in the crust/crumble mixture give it a wonderful flavour and texture. Served it with vanilla ice cream, Ina’s Plum Tart was a lovely midweek treat. My husband did suggest it would be good  with custard as well, and I totally agree - except I’m always going to choose ice cream over custard. It’s the Canadian in me! 
I’m so pleased with Ina’s Plum Tart. I will definitely make it again, and would be happy to make it for company. You can find the recipe here on The Barefoot Contessa website. I’m sharing this post with Ina’s Garden. 
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  1. I'll definitely try Ina's plum tart. Yours looks fantastic!


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