Friday, 23 September 2011

The Gallery of Favorites #6

Gallery of Favorites

Alea of Premeditated Leftovers and I want to welcome you to the sixth edition of our weekend blog hop, The Gallery of Favorites.
The Gallery of Favorites is a place for you to feature favorite posts from your own blog. Although Alea and I both spend a lot of our time writing about food, we do have many other interests and we know our readers do as well. The Gallery of Favorites is a place for all bloggers to share their ideas, interests and passions. 
Thank you to everyone who shared submissions last week. I am always inspired by the pieces that you share. This week Alea and I want to feature the Chocolate Almond Custard Pie by Elsa of Elsa’s Cooking Diary. 

Photo credit Elsa's Cooking Diary

When Elsa realised she had purchased too many eggs, she was inspired to make a custard pie, with delicious results. Custard pie is a favourite in England, but usually it is just a vanilla or nutmeg custard that is used. This chocolate and almond version sounds much more interesting and delicious! Elsa is inspired by cooking from around the world, and shares her recipes at Elsa’s Cooking Diary. Expecting her second child, Elsa has also recently started another blog, Elsa’s Baby Talk, to explore parenting topics and so she can write more about her family.

What have you been writing about this week? Share your favorite post!

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Gallery of Favorites

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The Gallery of Favorites will remain open for entries until Monday afternoon.
Please do take the time to visit some of the other entries in our Gallery of Favorites. We get links to some wonderful posts, and it is a great way to discover new writers, or a new side to some of your favorite bloggers.
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