Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Beef and Beer Stew

Beef and Ale stew is a very popular British dish, particularly in the winter months. We also encase the stew in pastry and call it Beef and Ale pie. While I always enjoy a good old fashioned Beef and Ale anything, when I first came to England twenty years ago I did find ale a little hard to swallow. Ale refers to dark beers, and also to stouts and ‘bitters’, many of which are an acquired taste. So back in the day, I decided to play with the traditional recipe to make it more friendly to my Canadian palate. I replaced the stronger flavours of ale with lager (which would simply be known as ‘beer’ in North America) and added more vegetables and lighter flavours to the dish. Little did I know I was creating a family favourite, by far one of the most requested dishes in our house, and also the one that is most looked forward to. 

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