Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Easy Chicken and Vegetable Pasta

This easy and frugal dish is an all-round crowd pleaser. Kids love the creamy mild sauce in this dish and grownups like the ‘comfort food’ factor. It’s a fantastic way to use up leftover chicken, and it couldn’t be easier to put together. 

Mustard adds a great little zing to this dish, but adjust the amount to your taste. I love to use wholegrain Dijon mustard in this recipe because of its mildness and depth of flavour. Don’t worry if you haven’t got /don’t want to use sherry or Madeira; it does add flavour but it is far from indispensable in this dish. There is nothing to stop you using penne or bow tie pasta (or any other pasta shape you like) instead of macaroni. In fact it is a great way to use up ends of pasta, finishing off all those annoying little bags with just a little bit in them!

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