Thursday, 12 January 2012

Le Train Bleu

One of the things I love about shopping in New York City is all the wonderful places you can go for lunch. Take Bloomingdales, for instance. Simply climb the stairs from Kitchenware on the fifth floor right up to the sixth, and you are in a different world.

Le Train Bleu is a lovely restaurant built as a railway car on the top floor of Bloomingdales. It looks just like a vintage train car.

There is a wonderful view of the city, and it really is a lovely place to have a bite to eat and take a quick break from a hard day's shopping. 

Despite the very relaxed atmosphere, the service is wonderful, and the food is even better. Torn between the Salade Nicoise and the Turkey Waldorf Wrap, I chose the turkey on the advice of the waitress. It was very good advice.

Our son enjoyed the signature burger without the signature blue cheese. He was totally prepared to have a cheese-less burger, but they were very nice about it and offered him two alternative cheeses instead. He said it was one of the nicest burgers he had in NYC, and that is a compliment indeed! 

My husband was on a bit of a crab cake kick while we were in New York, and ordered them at every opportunity. He thoroughly enjoyed the version he tried at Le Train Bleu. 

Considering where we were, the prices seemed very competitive, and we thoroughly enjoyed every bite of our food. It was a fun atmosphere to eat in as well. I would definitely go back, and if you find yourself tired, hungry and a bit shopped out in Bloomingdales on 59th Street in New York City, you should definitely head straight to the top, and visit the very quaint  and enjoyable Le Train Bleu. 

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