Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lunch with the Glitterati at Sardi's, New York City

Okay, there weren’t any actual glitterati there the day we ate at Sardi’s, one of  Broadway’s premier restaurants, but it was still very cool to eat in a place I had heard so much about. For over 90 years, Sardi’s has been the toast of Broadway, and it has witnessed more stars than most people will in a lifetime, as the caricatures on the walls attest. Originally drawn by a Russian refugee who worked in return for food, Sardi’s caricatures have become iconic, and having your picture on the wall there is definitely a sign you have arrived. For many years, this was the place where the nominations for the coveted Tony awards were announced and it has been the location of more opening night parties than anyone could count. Sardi’s has also appeared in many films and television shows, including The King of Comedy, Frost/Nixon and The Producers and the popular television series Mad Men and Glee.

We were just leaving the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition at Discovery Times Square, and suddenly realized we were virtually next door to a place I had wanted to eat for years. 

Stepping in under the awning and through the dark wooden doors, we received a warm welcome from the well-dressed staff.  I felt a bit like I had stepped back in time as I took in the  paneled walls and warm red décor.

The menu literally had something for everyone (although I did not notice a lot of vegetarian options). I ordered a Reuben sandwich, and must admit I was a bit surprised by the sheer amount of meat layered on the crusty bread. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it did taste good.

I really ought to have ordered a Club sandwich as my husband did. It was a real classic, and absolutely delicious. 

Our son enjoyed his hamburger as well.

This service was excellent, and considering we were literally just off Broadway, I thought the prices were quite good value for money too. 

On this visit to Sardi’s it was the atmosphere, more than the food, that impressed me. I took a few sneaky photographs upstairs on my way to the ladies’ room (labeled ‘Dolls’ in an homage to days gone by).

I will definitely go back, as there were lots of things on the menu I would have been very pleased to try, and I'd love to see what the atmosphere is like in the evening. If you find yourself at 234 West 44th Street just off Broadway, I urge you to visit this iconic venue and enjoy their food and hospitality. If you enjoy a retro vibe and a bit of Broadway glamour, Sardi's is definitely a great place to eat!

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