Thursday, 9 February 2012

Creamy Beef and Pasta One Pot

Dinnertime can be tricky in our house. As a senior manager with a large corporate, my husband’s work schedule is packed and erratic. His day starts when he leaves the house just before 7am; he is rarely back home before 8.30pm. This leaves a window of about an hour for a family dinner and some time together before he heads back to work in our home office. Most evenings he has calls with the Americas late into the evening and sometimes even into the early hours of the following morning. My biggest issue is the fact that the time we eat dinner is never set, and can vary anywhere between 8 and 9.30pm. It’s more luck than judgement as to when I need to start preparing dinner to have it ready at the right time, so I try to develop recipes that will hold well if I happen to get the timing wrong. This is one of these. It does require a bit of chopping, stirring etc, so it’s fairly hands on to prepare, but you only need one pot, and if you turn the heat back and stir it occasionally it will hold for a while. I’ve even been known to transfer the whole lot from the pan into a casserole dish, pop a lid on it and keep it warm in the oven - at which point it becomes Creamy Beef and Pasta Casserole. I am nothing if not flexible. 

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