Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Omelette Souffle Rothschild

This ambrosial treat is not a traditional soufflé. It is less structured, doesn’t rise as high, and the texture is even lighter. 

Back in late 2010, I attended a cooking demonstration in London by the wonderful Michel Roux Jr. It was one of the most relaxed and entertaining cooking demonstrations ever. Despite coming from a famous restaurant dynasty, Michel Roux is charming and unpretentious, and was happy to share the secrets of making a signature dessert from one of his most famous restaurants, Le Gavroche in London.

Although the recipe calls for blini pans, on the day of the demonstration M. Roux made the soufflé in a large frying pan that could go into the oven. It worked so well I decided to try using something similar at home. He also suggested using free range or organic eggs that are fresh, but not new (ie. eggs that have been laid about two weeks previously). I followed his instructions to the letter and the results were delicious.

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