Monday, 9 April 2012

Pizza Florentine for Meatless Monday

When we go out for pizza, it’s almost always to a branch of Pizza Express. In my opinion, this chain of restaurants is the best place to get pizza in England. Of course, there is no match for the real thing as served in Italy, but having been to Italy more than once, I can testify that Pizza Express gets pretty darn close. I’m a huge fan of their Giardiniera pizza, and my  husband almost always chooses their Pizza Florentine, featuring an egg in the centre surrounded by spinach. 

Now this may sound odd, but not only is the combination of spinach and egg a healthy one, it’s also very delicious. The Pizza Express Florentine also has olives, but as my husband really loathes olives (no, loathes is not too strong a word), he usually asks for red pepper instead. 

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  1. Anything with an egg on top has my vote! I've never had pizza with an egg on top, but that's going to end soon. Love the combo of spinach and egg! Thanks for sharing!


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