Friday, 18 May 2012

Banana Date Cake with Walnut and Honey Glaze

Photo credit Alex Harris
This classic, old fashioned cake would be perfect to serve anytime, but it would be a lovely way to round out afternoon tea in the sunshine on a summer afternoon. It has lots of body and flavour, and it’s one of those cakes that gets better after sitting for a day or two at room temperature. I have the perfect covered cake dish for this purpose, although I must confess that there is usually not much of the cake left after a day or two as it is so delicious! We eat it for breakfast as well as tea and dessert, and I’ve made it twice already since discovering the recipe in BBC Good Food magazine this month. Developed by Mary Cadogan, it is a really straight forward recipe that turns into something very special indeed. As regular readers will know, I can never leave a recipe alone so I have adapted the original a bit.

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  1. This looks like a perfect way to round out afternoon tea!


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